Toyota Hiace Welcab

Throughout the operation of our business, we have done extensive research of all makes, models and types of different wheelchair accessible vehicles. Taking into account substantial feedback from the wheelchair occupants as well as the support workers and support service business owners we came up with the single best vehicle. The Toyota Hiace Welcab!

Wheelchair Accessible Van

Time and again the Toyota Hiace Welcab trumped all its competitors for versatility, engineering, reliability and comfort. This is better for both the wheelchair occupant as well as all other occupants of the vehicle.

Factory built = Quality

The Hiace we supply to the market is a factory-built wheelchair accessible vehicle and therefore is superior to any after-market conversion that may be carried out in Australia.
The rear electric hoist/lift was designed, factory engineered and installed to maximise space and also ensure a safe and easy operation.
After importing the Hiace’s from Japan we ensure all our vehicles are made compliant with Australian rules and regulations.

Factory-built Wheelchair Lift

Consistently voted as one of the top 3 commercial vans in Australia!
This is because Toyota has of the highest standard of quality control in the world. It is not unusual to see a Hiace with more than half a million kilometres on the odometer. They are the work horse of so many industries.

The Toyota Hiace Welcab comes in a range of different layouts. This allows businesses and families to choose a model that suits their needs perfectly. The single wheelchair space means that van seats 8-10 people (including wheelchair occupant).

Businesses focused in aged care or rehabilitation centres prefer the dual wheelchair layout. This gives more flexibility for transferring multiple wheelchairs at once.

The THREE best things about the Toyota Hiace Welcab:

  1. Toyota engineered wheelchair lift, factory built too last. Read more here.
  2. Value for money. These vehicles last a lifetime.
  3. A Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle fit for families and businesses.

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“What is the best wheelchair-accessible vehicle for my business?”

Transporting the disabled is a critical job. So finding the perfect wheelchair-accessible vehicle is paramount!

To transport wheelchair passengers or less mobile persons, we look for the following four criteria in a business vehicle.

  • Safety
  • Size
  • Comfort
  • Value for money

With these four requirements in mind, our company chooses the Toyota Hiace Welcab. At Wheelchair Vehicles Oz, we believe the Toyota-designed and factory-built Hiace Welcab is the perfect vehicle for any business.


The Hiace is consistently one of the best commercial vans for safety across all judging areas.

The Welcab series has been engineered to ensure the wheelchair lift is the safest in the world. Wheelchair lifts are seamlessly integrated into a vehicle’s electrical systems. Lifts retrofitted to commuter vans aftermarket are far inferior to this system.

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When using a wheelchair-accessible vehicle for commercial needs, a larger van size is a must. The Hiace Welcab variant offers not only 1 to 2 wheelchair spaces but also comfortably seats 6 or 7 passengers.

Since the Hiace is used to transport disabled or non-disabled persons daily, it would make the ideal vehicle for this application.

Toyota Hiace Welcab


One reason that makes the Toyota Hiace Welcab so unique is the level of comfort it offers to the wheelchair occupants. Toyota engineers designed the vehicle around the wheelchair space, giving an unparalleled driving experience.

Options such as:

– High-top windows. Allowing the wheelchair persons to see out of the vehicle at a higher head position.

– An electronic step. Coming out at the sliding door, creating a shallow step for fewer mobile users to enter and exit the van.

– A larger lift. So caregivers can stay on the lift while the wheelchair is being raised and lowered into the rear cab.

Value for Money

As a business, getting value for your money is a must! This is where the factory-built Toyota Hiace Welcab shines.

The Toyota Hiace is known for being able to drive for a Million Kilometers! This vehicle is a true workhorse of the commercial industry. This van will last a lifetime!

With a Japanese-built Hiace Welcab, you can almost cut your cost as a business owner in HALF compared to purchasing a vehicle and retrofitting it with a wheelchair lift.

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